Cutting the Fat

It is foolish to grind down our citizens with long, arduous processes, made slower by antique systems run on pen and paper and tall mountains of regulations. You may not realize this but just to build a new house, before you buy the land, before you hire contractors, before the first load of concrete is poured, before even a single nail is put into a timber, you will have to pay about $80,000 just to get permission from a host of bureaucrats from half a dozen or more agencies.

Eighty thousand dollars! Wow.

Once, it looked like money for new development was free. We put some really bad ideas on the books. A well heeled developer wouldn’t blink at these crazy fees, especially as they spread them out over dozens or hundreds of homes. But you or I, for us to build the home we want to retire in, to leave to our children as a legacy, we cannot do it.

Land plus materials plus construction is already too expensive for most working folk. This is like a blood clot in the heart of our economy. For a family to have to shoulder another eighty thousand dollars of burden, means that only those with a head start will ever achieve the dream. Without comprehensive change Riverside will miss the opportunity to grow, and instead likely suffer a crippling economic aneurysm. With that much burden, growing businesses and families will be squeezed out.

I will dedicate my service as County Supervisor to uproot waste and unburden the good hard working people of Riverside County from these crazy policies. I will eliminate the arduously long application processes that once were an engine for big development tax dollars, but now only punish our citizens and discourage new investment. I will update our long ignored services with proven modern technologies saving county resources for public safety, making our application processes faster and more efficient and saving everyone a great deal of money. I will simplify regulations so that they serve the good of the county not the utopian dreams of Sacramento politicos. I will work tirelessly to give Riverside back to Riverside, and together we will thrive.

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