Key Issues

I dig pools. In the past 35 years, I've dug thousands of pools for families in every corner of our community. I have experience talking with folks and running a successful business. This experience has taught me how to provide jobs, to provide a quality service, and to look people in the eye when you are shaking their hand.


The scarcity of this resource is an urgent task, we need to be proactive now.


A thriving economy is one where every individual that desires a job, has one.


Put less burden on the economy. A more efficient government is the first step.

Personal Freedoms

Government should be there to protect the freedom of the individual.

Libertarian Values

The core belief of the libertarian party holds liberty as the principle objective. To help you have freedom to decide how to best live your own life.

Personal Liberty

Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves.


Advocate individual privacy and government transparency.


A free and competitive market allocates resources in the most efficient manner.


Retain a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression.

192 Gallons

Averaged per day.
How can we use less?

38.3 Daily Miles

Driven on average.
Fill 'er up.

389 Soccer Fields

Most used weekly.
All need water.

80 Districts

Number of California Assembly Districts.

Supporters of Jeff Hewitt

About Jeff Hewitt

Father, business owner, politician, husband.
A proven success in the private sector and public service.

California Assembly District 42 - Jeff Hewitt
Yes. Having dug my first pool in 1970, I quickly started my own business in 1971 and have been working with home owners ever since.
My personal belief that freedom is the single most important right we must defend. The founding fathers design our governmetn to ensure the personal liberties of all citizens. It is inexcusable to deny or dilute this freedom.
By not sitting on my ass and listening to everyone talk. As a business owner, I know that talk is cheap. We don't need more consultants and government. I intend to use and fearlessly apply common sense.
By being able to provide a voice for our local ccommunity at the state level. Currently, we do not have a voice, our representation at the state level has been silent. Our community deserves, and should demand, hard work and not promises.


Dug first pool.


Started first business.


Appointed to planning commission.


Mayor of Calimesa.

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